Thursday, June 27, 2013

Blacktooth Grin of WOW

Shu'Halo Life Magazine has run for many seasons, Cheapest WoW accounts but the earliest issues were lost.  Ravkha has taken over the current publication, but it once resided on a blog which is long gone.
If you would like to see the archives of Thunderhoof Clan's adventures from WotLK and Cata times, visit
The <blacktooth grin> are proud to be guild brothers with the thunderhoof. Many times we defended Mulgore and the oats trade route in the barren not just to show alliance who's boss, but to protect the noble tauren of the thunderhoof clan. Many times we invited the thunderhoof taurens to our clan events and many times they invited us as equals to their events. Truly, they are the noblest people you can meet on your caravan travel towards the Mulgore plains.
 Now, to show my respect i shout my clan's warcry: FEAR THE GRIN! But more importantly, i shall shout theirs as well.
The clan is a good and fun community my name is Rosial i am the currently the monk champion and i believe as im speaking on behalf of all the champions we need more challengers so come make your taurens and enjoy our monthly pvp event THE THUNDERARENA! FOR THE HERD! WoW accounts for sale  Clans are far from race-exclusive. In fact, most races have what would be considered "clans;" Dwarves anyone? Pretty sure a clan is just an extended family unit. 
In fact, I'd say a tribe would potentially be made up of multiple clans, since that's just more of a governmental thing, whereas I consider clan to be more familial. Of course, pretty sure the members of TC don't consider themselves to all be related, but maybe just a close unit. They're probably interchangeable. 

There are no "PvP stats"

In regards to this, I like GW2's approach to PvP gear Where to sell World of Warcraft accounts  (in sPvP, not in WvW). Everything has the same stat weights, you just choose what combination of stats you use and is available to everyone who enters. The "gear" you get in sPvP is cosmetic to make you look more aesthetically pleasing.

There are no "PvP stats", everyone has the same stat weights, so the game becomes based on player skill rather than who has more time to get bigger numbers on their gear so they can hit a 6 seconds stun and mash your face in with 2-3 buttons.

Mind you the comparisons are not entirely apples to apples because GW2 plays differently (casting everything on the move, no trinity, dodge mechanics rather than stats), but it could be a possibility to normalize the gear so everyone carries the same stat weights (ie for WoW, if you wanted to carry more health and be a FC as a warrior, you could grab a set that is 3:1 Stam, 1:1 Str, 2:1 Dodge, 1:1 Block, but as a DK get one that is 3:1 Stam, 1:1 Str, 2:1 Dodge, 1:1 Parry, but if you wanted to hit people, go 1:1 Stam, 3:1 Str, 2:1 Haste, 1:1 Crit,) and that would keep people on a relatively even footing gear wise.

It's just an idea, I don't know how well it would work in WoW, but I know it keeps the gateway to entry low for GW2 which is a PvP-centric game.

PvP is absolutely knackered and has been this entire season so far.  Nothing Greg Street says or does convinces anyone that he or his team can fix it anymore. where to buy WoW accounts It's in bad shape. I also worry that the problems have become intractable. Look at how they've left lowbie pvp for years now. That feels like where level 90 pvp is going: a few "correct" classes/specs and a bunch of also-rans.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Anyway, I Still Stick to My Idea of WOW

I think PVP has to be completely separated from PVE. Completely.

Different databases, different spells, buy cheap wow accounts even a different launcher. If the person wants to do BGs or Arenas, he logs out, enter another .EXE executable, and then gets sent to an isolated area from where he can't leave. May be a Sanctuary, with vendors, AH, trainers, reforgers, banks. And from there he queues to BGS and Arenas, or duels, including against people from other faction.

What about World PVP? In there, applies the rules from the PVE database... World PVP is not balanced anyway, you just bring new players to counter the attack.

Only then I think PVP can stand a chance to be almost balanced.
PVP gear already makes players choose between those two games at the moment. Yes, you can acquire both, but you could play both under that system too.

You'd keep the chat so it worked across-.exes, obviously. Chat aside, what problems does it create?
To start with it's a barrier to entry for casual players. Forcing people to shut down their current running game, and making them log into a different client would prevent a lot of folks from bothering to PVP in the first place.

Then you have a secondary issue of the fact that Blizz would need to allocate additional resources to maintain separate PVP and PVE clients, for all platforms, in both 32 and 64 bit setups.

I'm also failing to see what actual benefit it would provide anyone; fast wow gold  PVP and PVE seem to co-exist fine for me as-is.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Be Careful of Mobile Platforms

One of the US players who has had this happen was using Windows Phone which does not have an auction house app, this being the case, how to buy wow gold the only thing he had on his phone was the mobile authenticator, which is a worry in itself. It is under investigation in the US. Could I please take this opportunity to remind all smartphone users to install a mobile AntiVirus/AnitMalware product, there are many free ones. Better safe than sorry.
This is just my guess, but it sounds to me that the Win Phone user probably had his account information keylogged from his computer unwittingly. Then the attacker used that account info from an iOS or Android device with the mobile armory and stole their gold. I'm guessing that's the methodology in most if not all of these attacks.
 The fact is has affected all mobile platforms makes me think otherwise, the only common factor thus far is all players affected use the mobile auth, not the physical one. I am hoping I am wrong, obviously.

 Which why I think people who use the other mobile platforms also had their info logged from their computer, not their mobile device. While it is certainly possible through various means to take the account info via the mobile device it's more likely that a lot of account info was taken on a home computer that inadvertently installed a keylogger. This info was then used by the attackers to access accts since the mobile armory doesn't ask for authenticator code. WoW accounts for sale There may be people affected that don't use the mobile armory at all in this manner.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Seismic Slam is an incredibly powerful tool at keeping mobs

I'll agree that Seismic Slam is an incredibly powerful tool at keeping mobs with fire chains or other Barb crushing abilities at a distance. But once you drain your fury, you'll have to close the distance to gain it all back again. While Frenzy is the best choice hands down for your dps, it is also a weak Fury builder and if you intend on living through d3 gold Halls of Agony in Act 1, Revenge with Provocation is also a necessity which means the fury built from Revenge is also slightly gimped.

Here in lies the dilemma with your well thought out build. The point of it seems to be to keep mobs at a distance while slowly chipping them away running in and out counting on Relentless to keep you alive when they inevitably drop you to dangerous HP levels. Seismic Slam with a 1hander especially for someone fresh out of Hell mode with a weapon that most likely has between 600-750 dps will not be able to take down the more difficult champ packs. The shield will keep you alive, but your damage will be sitting between 8-10k depending on your other gear. This is a fine spot for you to be in Act 1 to buy d3 items, not so good towards the end of Act 1 and not very good at all for Act 2.

Frenzy - Sidearm: Sidearm is an absolute necessity in all cases. The axe does not stop when it hits a mob, it keeps going and it keeps hitting. Frenzy is a powerful single target damager and Sidearm gives it an aoe ability that still effects single target. It is slightly more random than the guaranteed higher damage of the Maniac rune, but if you want to keep your 5 delicious stacks of MF for those boss kills, you can't be switching your abilities from encounter to encounter (horrible design). Sidearm will allow you to still take on huge amounts of white mobs without relying too heavily on the GCD of Revenge. I'm sure we all know the feeling of smashing a proc'd revenge before Diablo 3 account sell the very short GCD is up.

Seismic Slam is CC with massive crits but as I said, the crits are not going to be awe inspiring on Champ packs. It will chew through any white mobs but either way you're going to have to close the gap to regain fury which sort of negates the power of this ability. Ground Stomp on the other hand offers a different option with much greater use. Wrenching Smash will not only stun your opponents for 4 seconds, it will pull them into you and close to your Sidearm runed Frenzy swings. Your greatest power in Inferno mode is not letting the champ packs run amok with their abilities narrowing the area you have to fight. Ground Stomp will give you 4 seconds of no damage whatsoever and the rune allows you to dictate where they stand for a short period of time. Pair that with WotB and Iron Hide runed Ignore Pain and you get nearly a full 10-12 seconds of pummeling a champion down. Drink a pot to negate the damage of those last 3-5 seconds of WotB and you can literally stand in one spot (preferably a corner) greatly improving your chances of success. A 700 dps one hander can easily take down a champ with extra health from 100-25% with WoTB.

The build is as follows:
Frenzy - Sidearm
WotB - Insanity
Ground Stomp - Wrenching Smash
Revenge - Provocation
War Cry - Impunity
Ignore Pain - Iron Hide

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Some counter-points:

Basically, there's a few legit concerns, and one QQ concern buy cheap wow accounts:
1) This will absolutely require some players to change up their playstyle. They may have been getting gear with extra Resilience to improve their survivability; that's now gone.
2) Normalizing all gear at the higher levels does take away some of the ability to outgear your opponents. On the flip side, that makes some folks feel like they "wasted" the effort to get said gear.
3) It's no longer as easy to WTFPWN noobs. Not many folks are like that, but some enjoy the easy kills by specifically looking for the undergeared players. I think they're the most upset by this change. :)
That's a question.  We add pvp resilience ot our gear with the chest enchant and gemming.  I don't think that's going away.  Where to sell World of Warcraft accounts  The 65% is baseline, but we should still be able to improve on that with gemming.
Some counter-points:
1) There hasn't really been a way to "gear for PVP Resilience" outside of alterations, so that isn't really changing.  For example, there aren't any Trinkets with "bonus resilience" (there is one for bonus PVP Power though).
2) This isn't too big of a deal, since Conquest/Conquest Elite being the same ilvl has been how PVP operated for quite some time.  Patch 5.2 was unique in splitting the two.  Also, nobody can really complain about wasting time on Conquest Elite since nobody can buy any yet - there's a Minimum Conquest Earned requirement that's impossible to have reached at this time.
3) This is really only a concern for Heroic raiders, or hardcore PVPers that did Heroic raids for an edge. how to buy WoW gold  Most people won't be affected in this regard.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Some nice Warrior changes of WOW

Some nice Warrior changes there, but almost all of them are PVP oriented. cheapest world of warcraft gold I'm finding myself, a PVE SMF Fury warrior, still very underwhelmed by this patch so far. The change to KJC makes it better, but I still don't agree with nerfing it in the first place. I didn't see anyone complaining about Warlock mobility until they brought it up as a problem themselves. The 60 debuff from the demonic gateway, nerfing KJC and capping soul leech is going to make the already deeply annoying fight with Kanrethad even worse.
 The problem was that warlocks had too much mobility compared to other classes (mages, priests, druids) and could do very well on any high movement fight, which were numerous this tier. The original elimination was undoubtedly an overreach, but this change feels appropriate. Warlocks will be about as mobile as an elemental shaman, which is quite mobile in general.
I'm more puzzled over the MF change. It's a situational talent and this change will just make it worse to bring over KJC.
Except the classes you mentioned already had a lot of/more mobility? With the exception of Arcane Mages, the other classes/specs already have a lot of their high damage dealing abilities castable on the move due to procs or talents or simply the design of the ability.
Not sure if I should be happy with rogues having one change or not...I think that part of me was secretly hoping for a redesign of Shadow Blades, or something.  But, we're not broken, so its kind of hard to fix us

 I'm totally cool with them leaving us alone. There have been a few changes, but nothing major - keep in mind this is just a list of the updates. buy world of warcraft accounts For the full patch notes, you'll want to hit the site - there are a few rogue changes, mostly minor.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

thanks for runescape 3

I can't even listen to the bottom one because the quality is so terrible...
Anyways, why not a poll instead of the 'likes' idea? The guy with 96 already is obviously going to win. I'm not saying it isn't the best, but I guess I've made my point. Good videos though. I saw a lot of them beforehand, and they're great! Go Wolfy

making my vid was actually a lot of work. First I had to make a scenario + shotlist so my daddy knew where to stay and how to record, then record all the fragments and scenes and then edit all the parts and put them together...

I'm not really experienced in making such video's, but it was really fun to do rs gold for sale and I'm really happy to see my video in the top 10! unfortunately it seems that I'm not even getting in the top 3 but...never give up sell runescape account the hope!

(special thanks to my father who helped me recording everything)
Just seen all vids, already want to congratulate all of you for making them. Really really really nicely done! But only one person can win the competition :( of all the vids i have seen, there was one which kept playing inside my head. A vid, to which i could relate the most. And that vid comes from... OneTrueTank! So my vote goes to you!

Just seen all vids, already want to congratulate all of you for making them. Really really really nicely done! But only one person runescape accounts can win the competition :( of all the vids i have seen, there was one which kept playing inside my head. A vid, to which i could relate the most. And that vid comes from... OneTrueTank! So my vote goes to you!

The Last RaF Account Business

Jeeze.  I just got done with the last RaF account business from their last deal. safe wow gold I hate missing out and taking advantage of it... but... I don't think I have anything left to level. But times change and this is a very new era when it even comes to the notion of box sales.  It isn't QQ to recognize that, outside of WI, Warcraft is rarely mentioned in the MMO/PC News these days; it really does seem like they're going to have to try just a little bit harder if drawing new players is the intention, here.

It's not "Desperation."  I'm surprised WoW Insider missed noting what Massively did, that this is an annual thing for them.  It's like every summer and winter, they do a sale, to hit up the people who are free over the winter to play games, and people gifting for Christmas.  Just makes good business sense.

I just got done with the last RaF account business from their last deal.  I hate missing out and taking advantage of it... but... I don't think I have anything left to level. This makes me want to find my 2nd copy of vanilla WoW to see if it will let me make a account with it. Awesome! I still have this one account with 3 lvl 80 toons, buy cheap wow accounts which waits to be upgraded.

Really Weird Thing About Blizzard

Buy a game for the price you'd normally pay for a game!Don't get me wrong, it's nice they've reduced the price, safe wow gold but they've only really brought it down to what it should be at already.

Yeah, that is one really weird thing about Blizzard, I must admit. They're still acting like it's 1997 and they're king of the hill or something.  
Or hell, maybe they just have a bunch of leftover boxes they need to get rid of, who knows?

Honestly, if they were smart they'd do ONE WoW Box/CD for offer in stores at a normal pricing ($40-60 bucks or whatever) and make the indi expansions available as download-only options for those who just want, say, the original trilogy content ... and yes, there are still lots of those people out there!

Not exactly sure what their intention is here, but with games like Rift gone completely F2P this doesn't seem like it's going to make much of a "noise" out there.

 It baffles me that as a new player in order to get involved in the game you have to buy three boxes at the store--and you have to know that going into it. "What do I have to buy? How do the Battle Chest and the expansions work?" has got to be a Top Ten question on the New Player forums and on the WoW reddit. You'd think Blizzard would figure this out and simplify the whole thing, because it baffles people.

Yes, I wish I could remember back to when I first joined Warcraft.  I did so because a friend told me how cool it was, blah blah blah and this was back during the latter half of Classic, so there would have been just one box to buy at that time, I guess.

Still, I agree with you.  Normally, games come in one box, one disc.  They should just pull all of the pre-MoP stuff from store shelves and MoP is IT for WoW in the retail setting:  loading the disc installs all of the "stuff" that came before, too.

In digital terms, sure -- buy cheap wow accounts offer all the slices and dices you want -- but in retail I can't help but think this is a confusing mess of a sale for any kind of newcomer!

WoW GUIDE for Levels 58-68

With the drop in required experience, safe wow gold I levelled my DK to 67 just doing Hellfire and Terrokar. I stopped by Nagrand for the Ring of Blood and a handful of other quests, and was off to Northrend. I think I spent a day there total.

Why stop at 68? I lvled my DK (now the MT for my guild in Nax and Uld) up to 75 getting Outland Loremaster. I did this for two reasons. First I wanted the achievement and most important. It was faster lvling in Outlands.

I say its faster because even though most the quest are green, I had a epic flying mount to zip from quest to quest. When I hit 68 I traveled to one of the starter zones in Northrend long enough to hit 70 and gain those nice gear upgrades from the starter quest. I then went back to Outlands and grabed my Epic Flyer and started clearing zones. how to buy wow gold
With the epic flyer and Northrend starter gear I could easily solo an entire zone in a few hours and gain a lvl. I left Outlands at 75 and hit 78 by the time I got to Dragonblight. So I only had 2 zones I couldnt use my epic flyer in Northrend to get to 80. From there I had like 5 zones worth of quest to simply gain gold instead of xp.

The only negative to this method is you are higher lvl the the zone dungeons and cant que up for them, but I usually just grouped with guildies.

Ive used this method for 3 characters now. My DK, Druid, and Paly... all three lvled extreamly fast compared to other guildies who went straight for Northrend. Epic Flight FTW imo.

which one is better D3 or D2

 The game didn't do well? It was the fastest selling PC game ever and has sold over 12 million copies..... and that is just on the PC.

 Because it was a hype. No one knew the game was going to buy d3 items suck until a month later.

Despite what people say about the game, I believe it's good as it is now, just need to implement the actual pvp. In addition, can't wait to see it on the PS3. Should be still playing diablo 2.. jus started to make a chain lightning sorc and it's so much better than diablo 3.

diablo 3 was such a let down, diablo 2 - hours a trillion, diablo 3 - hours spent...wait you cant spec up a character, wait online ALL THE TIME..4 maybe 5 hours then i got bored. plus i buy d3 gold kinda ruined my childhood memories of diablo 2...Blizzard what were you doin all those years trying to "perfect" diablo 3.
 Only good thing would be playing co-op without being online. That's the only thing I would buy it for. Also.. Xbox 1 is going to also be a complete failure.. Buy a used game, then you have to pay to play it, can't borrow your friends games without paying a fee to use it. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Nerf'd 3 Straigh Patches

Shadowform nerfd , buy wow accountFade stoppping ranged attacks for 3 seconds nerfd , life swap our flash new ability unusable in pvp, smind spike  glyph nerfd , Dispersion the the shadow lock out Nerf
As far as pvp goes shadow cant possibly be raped anymore. All i can think is GC got raped on his mage by a good shadow priest and hes taking it out on the community.
Blizzard has managed, with just 2 lines in the PTR notes, what mages have been unable to do: kill warlocks. This isn't just QQ. If you play a level 90 lock, you know that KJC as it is now, is not OP and is a defining way the class plays. fast wow gold This nerf with out any buffs will significantly affect warlock DPS especially affliction and destro. I guess I need to go learn how to play demo or level my hunter from 85-90. Well you do understand that the test realm is beta content right? I mean, thats kinda the point. So they can try things and see how they work, before putting them live. If its as devestating as you suggest, Im sure they'll notice.
Sorry. buy world of warcraft accounts I'm just a bit tired of the drama. Go tothe PTR, try and write about why its bad if yout think so. thats why its there.
kjc made the class so fun to play.  going back to the stand still and cast mode is awful, it's going to be like playing in black and white after experiencing color.
Welcome to the life of a Shadow Priest. were the least mobile ranged class in the game we have to hard cast everything. only move we can do on the run is Spam SWP which is laughable.
imo KJC isnt the problem with locks its the massive bubbles and self healing that brings u from 20% to full while still laying down heavy damage thats the problem. To kill a lock atm it take numerous people and you have to go through his heath bar 2 or 3 times to get the kill

Monday, June 17, 2013

Blizzard Coming in and Looking at Your Chat

I like what they've done with Dota gold for sell  I haven't played it a ton, maybe 25 games or so (although games take 30 min to an hour, so that's a decent amount of time, but nothing compared to my brother, who has more than 350 wins), but in that time I haven't encountered a single asshat. Maybe there will be someone who tells me I'm doing something wrong, and even in a brusk way, but I haven't had any of the sort of abuse I see regularly in WoW. I think a huge part of it is their reporting system. They now have communication bans if you get reported too many time. It's not just a mute or ignore (although they have those too); it's if you keep getting reported, you can't talk to anyone, period. It lets people know without a doubt that the way you're acting is unacceptable. I would love something like that in WoW. If you get reported enough, you can't use /say, /yell, /party or raid or /2 or anything other than whispers to friends and guild chat for a day or two. They could put some safeguards on it, like you can never get chat banned from the people in one BG or dungeon -- it would have to be several reports from different sources. But if people could be shown that others don't appreciate their crap ... it'd be great. Just make it community enforced,  where to buy wow accounts not something Blizzard does (i.e. - they have to be reported a lot, not someone at Blizzard coming in and looking at your chat and deciding themself), to head off the complaints of Blizzard controlling what you say in-game.
The problem with this kind of system, is that in WoW you're dealing with a paying customer who just might stop paying if faced with such a disciplinary action.
I am not saying this actively prevents Blizzard from taking action, but they seem not to be taking such actions (as you describe) leaving one to really question why.
As you suggest, intelligent, proactive use of a Ban Hammer like with DOTA or GW2 works wonders in terms of community quality.  One has to wonder if they increased this level of oversight and quality-control in WoW, if this game's rep as "asshatland" might diminish, at least somewhat.
 I would agree completely with you.  I posted what I did to try and surmise or figure out why on earth they haven't picked up on this by now and started trying to improve the community a bit more.
Then again, history has proven time and time again that cross-realming strangers together to provide convenience leads to very openly-bad player behavior, and they continue pushing in that direction, so who's to say what's really going on behind the wheel, here?
The only thing one can really say for certain is that community quality is on a very back burner in terms of public actions the game company is taking these days. I do agree it would be a very good thing if they would improve in this area, though.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Spend That Time on Legendary

You had to do a lot of stuff that wasn't fun and be of a select group that, buy cheap WoW account often largely through luck, was of the right caliber to even go after a legendary!!  You had to politic with everybody and make new enemies wherever you went and generally detract from fun so you could have some wep and cheer for a few months!! Those were the days!!  
How dare they come along and make it a thing everyone can have!! There's clearly never going to be any room for very special things ever again in wow!! There's nothing special about someone dedicating serious time over an entire expansion in the hope of attaining some distant weapon no one's even seen yet!!
How can they justify making all the cool unique quests and encounters.. sell WoW account . and then letting everyone see them!!! What are they thinking, I just don't understand!!
Really, instead of being able to say "Wow! I wish I was that guy/gal with that legendary"... we're all going to have to resign ourselves to only saying "Wow! I have a legendary!!". Shameful.
Wow is dead. I'm going to take my legendary and go home. Screw you guys.
On a not quite so angry level, I agree.  I think legendary should be just that.  The item that so few people have that everyone else says, "wow, that guy rocks."  The response, "wow, that guys has way too much time on his hands," is also acceptable :)  But really, I do think this is a dumbing down of the game that needs to stop, either that, or not call them legendaries any more, since they're not.  I think there are plenty of weapons in the world now, especially with the looser transmog rules.  We have enough, leave a reward for the ones who want to put that kind of time in.  If I had gotten this legendary already, I'd be pissed that I spend that time on it, then find out that all you had to do was wait a few months and it'd be cake to get.