Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Really Weird Thing About Blizzard

Buy a game for the price you'd normally pay for a game!Don't get me wrong, it's nice they've reduced the price, safe wow gold but they've only really brought it down to what it should be at already.

Yeah, that is one really weird thing about Blizzard, I must admit. They're still acting like it's 1997 and they're king of the hill or something.  
Or hell, maybe they just have a bunch of leftover boxes they need to get rid of, who knows?

Honestly, if they were smart they'd do ONE WoW Box/CD for offer in stores at a normal pricing ($40-60 bucks or whatever) and make the indi expansions available as download-only options for those who just want, say, the original trilogy content ... and yes, there are still lots of those people out there!

Not exactly sure what their intention is here, but with games like Rift gone completely F2P this doesn't seem like it's going to make much of a "noise" out there.

 It baffles me that as a new player in order to get involved in the game you have to buy three boxes at the store--and you have to know that going into it. "What do I have to buy? How do the Battle Chest and the expansions work?" has got to be a Top Ten question on the New Player forums and on the WoW reddit. You'd think Blizzard would figure this out and simplify the whole thing, because it baffles people.

Yes, I wish I could remember back to when I first joined Warcraft.  I did so because a friend told me how cool it was, blah blah blah and this was back during the latter half of Classic, so there would have been just one box to buy at that time, I guess.

Still, I agree with you.  Normally, games come in one box, one disc.  They should just pull all of the pre-MoP stuff from store shelves and MoP is IT for WoW in the retail setting:  loading the disc installs all of the "stuff" that came before, too.

In digital terms, sure -- buy cheap wow accounts offer all the slices and dices you want -- but in retail I can't help but think this is a confusing mess of a sale for any kind of newcomer!

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