Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Be Careful of Mobile Platforms

One of the US players who has had this happen was using Windows Phone which does not have an auction house app, this being the case, how to buy wow gold the only thing he had on his phone was the mobile authenticator, which is a worry in itself. It is under investigation in the US. Could I please take this opportunity to remind all smartphone users to install a mobile AntiVirus/AnitMalware product, there are many free ones. Better safe than sorry.
This is just my guess, but it sounds to me that the Win Phone user probably had his account information keylogged from his computer unwittingly. Then the attacker used that account info from an iOS or Android device with the mobile armory and stole their gold. I'm guessing that's the methodology in most if not all of these attacks.
 The fact is has affected all mobile platforms makes me think otherwise, the only common factor thus far is all players affected use the mobile auth, not the physical one. I am hoping I am wrong, obviously.

 Which why I think people who use the other mobile platforms also had their info logged from their computer, not their mobile device. While it is certainly possible through various means to take the account info via the mobile device it's more likely that a lot of account info was taken on a home computer that inadvertently installed a keylogger. This info was then used by the attackers to access accts since the mobile armory doesn't ask for authenticator code. WoW accounts for sale There may be people affected that don't use the mobile armory at all in this manner.

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