Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Blizzard Said That Garrosh Wouldn't be Corrupted?

They said he wasn't corrupted by the Sha and I still think  that's true - up until he gets hold of the Y'shaarj prison from Dark Heart of Pandaria.Buy World of Warcraft Gold  hes talking about the Datamined stuff, for example Garoshes Aura is from the Sha of pride, from the datamined sound file aparently you dont even see it untill aparently you get some kind of brew from Chen,Where to buy WoW accounts  The "taint notin new" soundfile of Volgins I suspect is related to him talking about the Blood Elves and not Garosh and seems to be him saying hes always kept more of an eye on the forsaken more than hes let on.cheapest WoW gold
To be honest, I don't know how they are going to figure out a way to keep Garrosh from being "corrupted" given he's trying to channel the power of an Old God.
From the moment Garrosh's warriors discovered the place, he pretty much cemented his place in WoW lore.
Unless of course, the writers go against what they've done in the past.  Which would be cool.  But probably unlikely.
Specifically that he's making these decisions of his own volition, not because of a corruption.  Just bear in mind that there's a difference between: victim of corruption, and intentionally corrupting yourself for power.
I must say that the change to inquisition is really nice. 2 minutes glyphed will be great when soloing/dungeons/scenarios, just going to be much less of a hassle clearing trash all around, and a base minute fits in great. Thanks blizzard

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