Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Nerf'd 3 Straigh Patches

Shadowform nerfd , buy wow accountFade stoppping ranged attacks for 3 seconds nerfd , life swap our flash new ability unusable in pvp, smind spike  glyph nerfd , Dispersion the the shadow lock out Nerf
As far as pvp goes shadow cant possibly be raped anymore. All i can think is GC got raped on his mage by a good shadow priest and hes taking it out on the community.
Blizzard has managed, with just 2 lines in the PTR notes, what mages have been unable to do: kill warlocks. This isn't just QQ. If you play a level 90 lock, you know that KJC as it is now, is not OP and is a defining way the class plays. fast wow gold This nerf with out any buffs will significantly affect warlock DPS especially affliction and destro. I guess I need to go learn how to play demo or level my hunter from 85-90. Well you do understand that the test realm is beta content right? I mean, thats kinda the point. So they can try things and see how they work, before putting them live. If its as devestating as you suggest, Im sure they'll notice.
Sorry. buy world of warcraft accounts I'm just a bit tired of the drama. Go tothe PTR, try and write about why its bad if yout think so. thats why its there.
kjc made the class so fun to play.  going back to the stand still and cast mode is awful, it's going to be like playing in black and white after experiencing color.
Welcome to the life of a Shadow Priest. were the least mobile ranged class in the game we have to hard cast everything. only move we can do on the run is Spam SWP which is laughable.
imo KJC isnt the problem with locks its the massive bubbles and self healing that brings u from 20% to full while still laying down heavy damage thats the problem. To kill a lock atm it take numerous people and you have to go through his heath bar 2 or 3 times to get the kill

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