Wednesday, June 19, 2013

which one is better D3 or D2

 The game didn't do well? It was the fastest selling PC game ever and has sold over 12 million copies..... and that is just on the PC.

 Because it was a hype. No one knew the game was going to buy d3 items suck until a month later.

Despite what people say about the game, I believe it's good as it is now, just need to implement the actual pvp. In addition, can't wait to see it on the PS3. Should be still playing diablo 2.. jus started to make a chain lightning sorc and it's so much better than diablo 3.

diablo 3 was such a let down, diablo 2 - hours a trillion, diablo 3 - hours spent...wait you cant spec up a character, wait online ALL THE TIME..4 maybe 5 hours then i got bored. plus i buy d3 gold kinda ruined my childhood memories of diablo 2...Blizzard what were you doin all those years trying to "perfect" diablo 3.
 Only good thing would be playing co-op without being online. That's the only thing I would buy it for. Also.. Xbox 1 is going to also be a complete failure.. Buy a used game, then you have to pay to play it, can't borrow your friends games without paying a fee to use it. 

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