Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WoW GUIDE for Levels 58-68

With the drop in required experience, safe wow gold I levelled my DK to 67 just doing Hellfire and Terrokar. I stopped by Nagrand for the Ring of Blood and a handful of other quests, and was off to Northrend. I think I spent a day there total.

Why stop at 68? I lvled my DK (now the MT for my guild in Nax and Uld) up to 75 getting Outland Loremaster. I did this for two reasons. First I wanted the achievement and most important. It was faster lvling in Outlands.

I say its faster because even though most the quest are green, I had a epic flying mount to zip from quest to quest. When I hit 68 I traveled to one of the starter zones in Northrend long enough to hit 70 and gain those nice gear upgrades from the starter quest. I then went back to Outlands and grabed my Epic Flyer and started clearing zones. how to buy wow gold
With the epic flyer and Northrend starter gear I could easily solo an entire zone in a few hours and gain a lvl. I left Outlands at 75 and hit 78 by the time I got to Dragonblight. So I only had 2 zones I couldnt use my epic flyer in Northrend to get to 80. From there I had like 5 zones worth of quest to simply gain gold instead of xp.

The only negative to this method is you are higher lvl the the zone dungeons and cant que up for them, but I usually just grouped with guildies.

Ive used this method for 3 characters now. My DK, Druid, and Paly... all three lvled extreamly fast compared to other guildies who went straight for Northrend. Epic Flight FTW imo.

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