Sunday, June 23, 2013

Some counter-points:

Basically, there's a few legit concerns, and one QQ concern buy cheap wow accounts:
1) This will absolutely require some players to change up their playstyle. They may have been getting gear with extra Resilience to improve their survivability; that's now gone.
2) Normalizing all gear at the higher levels does take away some of the ability to outgear your opponents. On the flip side, that makes some folks feel like they "wasted" the effort to get said gear.
3) It's no longer as easy to WTFPWN noobs. Not many folks are like that, but some enjoy the easy kills by specifically looking for the undergeared players. I think they're the most upset by this change. :)
That's a question.  We add pvp resilience ot our gear with the chest enchant and gemming.  I don't think that's going away.  Where to sell World of Warcraft accounts  The 65% is baseline, but we should still be able to improve on that with gemming.
Some counter-points:
1) There hasn't really been a way to "gear for PVP Resilience" outside of alterations, so that isn't really changing.  For example, there aren't any Trinkets with "bonus resilience" (there is one for bonus PVP Power though).
2) This isn't too big of a deal, since Conquest/Conquest Elite being the same ilvl has been how PVP operated for quite some time.  Patch 5.2 was unique in splitting the two.  Also, nobody can really complain about wasting time on Conquest Elite since nobody can buy any yet - there's a Minimum Conquest Earned requirement that's impossible to have reached at this time.
3) This is really only a concern for Heroic raiders, or hardcore PVPers that did Heroic raids for an edge. how to buy WoW gold  Most people won't be affected in this regard.

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