Thursday, June 13, 2013

Different from Server Merges of WoW

I'm confused now, how will this be different from server merges? cheapest WoW gold Maybe the difference is that they can change which servers are in a virtual realm easily, but they can't do that too haphazardly otherwise they'll break the guilds and what not. If realm A and realm B are fused,buy WoW gold  how are they not the same realm now?
 Here is how I'm seeing this as different from server merges:
1. No naming conflicts. Everyone still has their server tag setting them apart.
2. We can have more than 11 characters per "virtual realm".
3. Since the different server populations are still on different server motherboards, we will avoid potential hardware shortfalls caused by doubling or tripling the population of any one realm.
I'm guessing that they experimented with half off server transfers, which ended up a failure (as expected), and they used that as justification to commit resources to virtual servers.
This isn't something "new" Eyhk, 5.4 was built months and months ago and is now being datamined.  The feature was in the plans for a LONG time now, it's only now been "discovered' out here in the community.  Blizzard didn't even announce this:  it was simply datamined as being something that MIGHT be included with 5.4 this September.  In other words, has no relationship with the transfer sale.
 I'm guessing the Marketing department was responsible for the 1/2 off sale and had it planned as of several weeks ago, and no coordination was done (or, really, needed) with whichever department handles releases to the PTR, which is probably an entirely different group from the live servers group.
If you want to complain about something, complain about why gasoline goes up 10 cents a gallon in one day, at lunchtime, and theorize why all the gas stations within 3 miles of each other make the same move within an hour of each other.

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