Thursday, June 27, 2013

Blacktooth Grin of WOW

Shu'Halo Life Magazine has run for many seasons, Cheapest WoW accounts but the earliest issues were lost.  Ravkha has taken over the current publication, but it once resided on a blog which is long gone.
If you would like to see the archives of Thunderhoof Clan's adventures from WotLK and Cata times, visit
The <blacktooth grin> are proud to be guild brothers with the thunderhoof. Many times we defended Mulgore and the oats trade route in the barren not just to show alliance who's boss, but to protect the noble tauren of the thunderhoof clan. Many times we invited the thunderhoof taurens to our clan events and many times they invited us as equals to their events. Truly, they are the noblest people you can meet on your caravan travel towards the Mulgore plains.
 Now, to show my respect i shout my clan's warcry: FEAR THE GRIN! But more importantly, i shall shout theirs as well.
The clan is a good and fun community my name is Rosial i am the currently the monk champion and i believe as im speaking on behalf of all the champions we need more challengers so come make your taurens and enjoy our monthly pvp event THE THUNDERARENA! FOR THE HERD! WoW accounts for sale  Clans are far from race-exclusive. In fact, most races have what would be considered "clans;" Dwarves anyone? Pretty sure a clan is just an extended family unit. 
In fact, I'd say a tribe would potentially be made up of multiple clans, since that's just more of a governmental thing, whereas I consider clan to be more familial. Of course, pretty sure the members of TC don't consider themselves to all be related, but maybe just a close unit. They're probably interchangeable. 

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