Monday, July 1, 2013

DH DPS making in MP10

Demon hunters are part of the girl classes of diablo 3. On paper there is nothing in this game that can theoretically keep up with a demon hunters need to buy diablo 3 account  and damage, and honestly they can't, as long as me monster power is low enough in d3 account.

Its general perception that "a DH can't do mp10" even tho proHacker has proven this to be false on multiple occasions, but it takes a very specific kind of gear and skill combination which will get easily trumped by barbs, monks and wizards. Its not because you have too little damage but because the fundamental structure of the class favors lower MP running.

Accept what your class does best or rethink your options.

Your whole point is invalid because Blizzard with recent patchs tries to give incentive to play at highers monster powers, DE drops for example are a clear proof of that. A well deisgned game would have classes that play different, but all of them should shine with the right gear on the top difficulties.
Also the resource system of DH put them behind other classes who can just run around facerolling and spamming every skill like no tomorrow, so that need an adjust too IMHO OR, if you dont like DHs getting buffed nerf all the other "OP" classes like barb with the perma cc inmunity or monks retarded dmg because right now the difference its too big.

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