Friday, July 5, 2013

how will Jagex deal with bots in RS 3

how about Jagex deal with all the bots first instead of graphics and all that good stuff, 75% of all players in runescape are bots yesterday in fish guild their were 20 people and only 3 or 4 were actual human players its a big fat disgrace that jagex chooses not to sell rs accounts ban them instead collects bot money every month!! i see bots i reported weeks even months ago still happily farming fish logs and ores, the wildy green dragons are over run by bots again,

these bots are liek a cancer if others see they arent punished the cancer will spread more and more and that is exactly what is happening to the game and been happening for years buy runescape account!!!

in short how about you address the real problems in this game instead of pulling the wool over our eyes with fancy new graphics and fancy new options..

also every time jagex makes hugh changes to runescape it always leads to a loss in members i fear this time it will be the same,.., in short iam far from happy at this moment! every thing in runescape now revolves arroudn earning more money for jagex, this company went from a nice and kind business into a money hungry grabbing company fixed on increasing profits by flooding the game with sof junk no one can ever get unless they buy spins, iam even willing to go so far as to say that jagex now earns more from selling sof and  rs accounts for sale sollomon junk then members fee!!!

so how about it william!! address the real problems!!!

A hardy thanks again to Jagex and all your employes, for designing, managing, testing, and releasing this new version of Runescape for everyone to enjoy! I hope to see the next few years to be the best for both Jagex and it'amazings players and employes!I tried to do the world wakes but it's just too difficult. what am i supposed to do about that then?

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