Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I Love Single Rrace Guilds

I love single race guilds. Theres's another big all tauren guild on called (I think) the Earthspears? Theres also a roughly 250 member all Troll guild on my server called Shadowtusk Clan, and those guys are amazing people. Cheapest WoW accounts Similarly there are a few all-orc military themed guilds, who're equally excellent. reading things like these, makes me realize how much my server sucks, community-wise. I guess its time for a server change. Because tauren are awesome. We are cowed by nothing and no one.

I love the guild I am in, but if I ever needed to look for a new one, I think I would have just found it.

I love the sound of this guild.  I'm not the biggest fan of tauren, but just the fun factor, community, and friendly, family atmosphere sounds brilliant to me.  I'm currently languishing in a semi-hardcore raiding guild that I no longer raid with, and there are absolutely zero community events or any effort put in to do anything together outside of their raiding, a fact that I lament. WoW accounts for sale  I'd love to be in a guild like this one - the weekly meetings especially sound wonderful.

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