Tuesday, July 23, 2013

DPS and Tanks Do Not Have A Secondary Timer

They actually do whine about that... but also dps and tanks do not have a limited time frame in which they can do their role.  If they did, then I am guessing they would also be rationing out what they put their focus into. Cheapest WoW accounts You clearly have never done an encounter with a tight enrage. Every point of DPS becomes precious.
Edit: And even in those situations, add spawns have to be handled. Watch Method's world first H Lei Shen kill: they had multiple add spawns to deal with, which they did, despite being so close to the edge of the DPS timer that they killed him with 3 people alive. 
I have seen more 2-3% wipes on raid bosses than I could even begin to count.
 The enrage timer affects all 3 roles and isn't what I am talking about.  I am obviously talking about the mana pool that when gone is pretty much gone.  It is basically a second timer that only healers deal with.
DPS and Tanks do not have a secondary timer before the enrage that will also wipe the group.
For many fights that matter, the healers' mana bar is the enrage timer (Heroic Megaera, Lei Shen, Iron Qon, Twin Consorts, Ji-kun, and Horridon). 
Keeping the DPS alive through fire, if possible, is always the right choice. 
You clearly do not heal, because if you did there is zero chance that you could possibly think this.
DPS are not supposed to stand in the fire therefore healers are not designed to heal that kind of damage.  Buying world of warcraft account This will wipe a raid much quicker than one dps dying. 

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