Thursday, July 4, 2013

wear a SoF item

And its funny how you're against this update yet wear a SoF item.

Lol no but seriously, I have to agree with you here. Teleport locations are becoming easier to get to.

When I saw this update, I was like "wow, nice!" but immediately after I was like "Wait, this is going to make transportation easier, thus diminishing the use of other methods, making many players mad runescape accounts for sale!"

So, I do agree. Which is why I've made this idea: The free-to-play lodestones have a cooldown for 30 minutes after use (like older lumbridge home teleport), while members lodestones require 1 day after use. It might sell rs accounts restrict things, which should go with this update, which will make players happier.

Although, I'm not going to be immature about it. As for people who love lore, give the lodestones a bit of a backstory. Another WoW update. runescape accounts sell.. Jagex only supports players who don't want to spend any time actually learning how to play by making things too easy. Jagex needs to realize that keeping Veteran players will help the game grow because of word of mouth. If you only support those who don't want to learn how to play, will only stop the growth and decrease the amount of players fast.

You're not speaking for me. And you're not speaking for the friends and clan mates I know in Runescape, who are mostly pro-Jagex.

This update sounds promising, although I agree with Lori about the Wild. I can definitely use most of the new lodestones.

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