Friday, June 7, 2013

Second Screen of World of Warcraft

While I do agree that a lot of what is being proposed in this article is nifty. I would argue that it would foster an even bigger amount of gaming addiction where people would feel the need to be involved in the game 24/7 which I think is already enough of a problem with the MMO community.
I play these games as a stress release, buy cheap wow gold and WOW account, and not because I'm looking for a second job or something to consume every spare minute of my time and having a game available on every device would end up doing just that.
I agree that subscription based MMO's should start offering AFK mini games through mobile platforms. I would love to tool around on my phone and have that make some kind of useful difference for my WoW character(s). Balancing it so that it doesn't become required is the key here and probably what's keeping it from happening. There has to be a reason to do it, but there also has to be a way to properly balance it.
Then again, even making mini-games available in game would be cool as well. Maybe a console you could access in the main city that had a similar interface to the mobile platform if someone just wanted to play the mini games and didn't have access to a mobile device. The barbershop is my example of an existing location where many people can sit in and do their thing outside of the world.
I been using 2 screens on my pc for years.   One for the game the second one for ventrillo, act (advanced combat tracker) a must have for raiding in eq2 and also for having up my web brouser. 
Now I don't have my nook lying around for info as I  use that for reading, and my smartphone well it usually sits there and now and then lets me know when I get an email or a text.   I don't see how anybody can be using a smart phone while in a game.
The social apps are cool, and neat... But they are not appropriate at all times and people need to understand moderation. To give more of the game on the smart devices isn’t going to make things "better", more than likely it would lower the number of players that actually played in the world... The populations of campers in the main cities would certainly drop...
Then again maybe it isn’t a bad idea... ah well either way there are good points and bad... But some in the industry believe that the smart devices are the next level for gamers... me? I don’t buy it... I think people are getting ahead of themselves and just enjoy the game for what it is... A tool for entertainment.

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