Friday, June 14, 2013

Blizzard Is Finally Waking Up

I need more confirmed info before I can make any kind of reasonable judgement.
What would I like to see? cheapest World of Warcraft gold  Basically, I'd like to see de-facto server merges. Smush all the RP servers together. Smush all the PvP-RP servers together.
Everyone, for all realistic intents and purposes,. buy cheapest WoW gold Make pugging a thing that happens again. Make raids going on at all hours outside of LFR a thing that happens again. Make finding a guild easier, with a wider range of guild types (we've gotten REALLY homogenous on my server).
Make the game feel populated, and newish again.
"Patch 5.4 definitely isn't afraid to shake up the status quo so far."
Which is a good thing.  I think that Blizzard is finally waking up to the danger that WoW is in and is taking it seriously.  Better that they try to shake things up now before the decline is irreversible than to continue to think small and hope buy wow accounts  for the best.
Reading the comments, it appears like there is a lot of assumption. I see a common thread of people seeing this as CRZ 2.0 with everyone dumped into your space and worrying about the impact on older PCs or how much harder to find that rare spawn.
I don't see that from their initial write up. To me it looks like they are making a mechanic for grouping and guilding across servers. This does not mean that when I am in the same VR as Perenolde (for example) that I will see Perenolde players walking around Orgrimmar with me. This may simply mean that that guy from Perenolde who likes my guild, can now join. It is the cross server mail/AH/guild that some of us have been hoping for.
I am assuming to, of course. I hope that my assumption is correct as I would hate to see more crowds of players fighting over the same mobs/resources/etc.
 Except for that bit about a shared Auction House. That makes me think it might be a way of doing "server merge!" without saying "server merge!" and a solution to the name collision. Indeed. Reading the patch notes, it seems easy to fall on either side of the fence. Either way I think it is a healthy move for the game as a whole.

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