Friday, June 14, 2013

Merged Servers A Free Transfer

I'm to the point of thinking just merge servers. WoW accounts cheap  Give everyone on merged servers a free transfer.  And merge middle and low together.
I'm tired of nodes, mobs disappearing, still dismounting when crossing server realms, having 3 or 4 server restarts because of zone and actual server restarts(got kicked off 3 times this morning with rollstarts.  one was my server). Where to buy WoW accounts The grief and misery is worth the bitching of merging.  I'm tired of the half assed Band-Aid approach. 
Lets just swallow the bullet and merge.  Get rid of cross realms, and this new probably just as buggy virtual realms.  I want to play the game, doesn't matter which realm. World of Warcraft accounts for sell  I'm tired of the bugs and hotfixes that fix one problem and make a new one.
My main worry is this: I play on a relatively high-pop RP server. What will happen with virtual realms? Will we be flooded with PVPers who like to troll RP events, or will we be merged with other RP realms? In the latter case, cliques will inevitably form as egos from other realms clash. There's enough ego problems on RP realms as there are without players from other realms joining and forming their own cliques.
 there's going to be a shakeout, without question. I play on Cenarion Circle, an a lot of our players get really torqued when other RP CRZ folks use what they previously felt were "their" rp spots.
The only thing we can really do is have patience, see what develops, and maybe, y'know, make some more new friends (Or do what I do, and mostly play solo out in the world....I am bad, so very very bad, at making friends...)
I doubt we get merged with non-RP servers, but I'm worried about getting merged with every other RP server in the game, in the same way that we're CRZ'd now. It would just be too crowded, unless you were able to choose which 'channel' you were in.
I would like for this to completely replace CRZ, though-- if there is a single virtual server, instead of 'you're put on a random server', it gets rid of some of the irritating bits of CRZ, like chasing down a rare spawn and losing it when you randomly get punted to another server and the spawn doesn't.

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