Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Why aren't Cosmetic Overrides allowed in PvP area

I find the hardest bit of my job is that I can work on something for ages and never get it exactly how I want it. I think a lot of artists are perfectionists and set themselves unachievable standards. Do you guys have this problem? Any advice?

How much do you get paid? (lol) JK JK.

Ummm....I always wanted to know the process in which these projects are accepted then put into action. How does an idea gets to 
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How is the typical day for the Jagex art team? Do you enjoy yourself? Is it sometimes frustrating? Do you go home exhausted?

Other Questions:

---- While we can wear masks and cosmetic overrides to change the appearance of our player, I wondering if it would be possible to add varying body shapes and avatar appearances 
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---- It's great that you're updating a whole lot of things in the games especially graphically, but don't you think that the graphics in the POH are a little out-dated? Last time I was working there, the old 2007 Runescape interface pops up whenever I play games. The trees are classic, and above all....there is no sky or background which looks...strange. Are there any plan to upgrade those graphics 
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---- Why aren't Cosmetic Overrides allowed in PvP areas?

---- What are the future updates we should be aware of?

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