Friday, June 21, 2013

google Webmaster Central Report

Q: in google Webmaster Central Report of paid links, PR or liters that station, and it seems no use?

A: Most of the search engines are trying to control the search engine results exclude links and links that pass PageRank sale and exchange. Google is no exception. Google encourages also very grateful to everyone report paid links to Google. Need to emphasize two points:

1 Not all paid links are in violation of Google's quality guidelines. If you are advertising purposes, and not for manipulation of search results, then buying and selling links is a normal behavior of network operations
I want to make my site which is mainly to provides diablo 3 accounts for sale and Diablo 3 account sell get traffic.To be purchased for the purpose of advertising the link should indicate that nature. A simple method is to rel = "nofollow" attribute to <a> tag. See About rel = "nofollow".

2 If you find a site in order to manipulate search results and trading links, please report that site. Your information will be very helpful to us. We will seriously look at each reporting paid links. However, Google's system for handling a website will consider many factors, treatment results may differ with the whistleblower's expectations. It is recommended one from Google Webmaster Help Center article "Why I should Google Report paid links."

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