Monday, June 17, 2013

Blizzard Coming in and Looking at Your Chat

I like what they've done with Dota gold for sell  I haven't played it a ton, maybe 25 games or so (although games take 30 min to an hour, so that's a decent amount of time, but nothing compared to my brother, who has more than 350 wins), but in that time I haven't encountered a single asshat. Maybe there will be someone who tells me I'm doing something wrong, and even in a brusk way, but I haven't had any of the sort of abuse I see regularly in WoW. I think a huge part of it is their reporting system. They now have communication bans if you get reported too many time. It's not just a mute or ignore (although they have those too); it's if you keep getting reported, you can't talk to anyone, period. It lets people know without a doubt that the way you're acting is unacceptable. I would love something like that in WoW. If you get reported enough, you can't use /say, /yell, /party or raid or /2 or anything other than whispers to friends and guild chat for a day or two. They could put some safeguards on it, like you can never get chat banned from the people in one BG or dungeon -- it would have to be several reports from different sources. But if people could be shown that others don't appreciate their crap ... it'd be great. Just make it community enforced,  where to buy wow accounts not something Blizzard does (i.e. - they have to be reported a lot, not someone at Blizzard coming in and looking at your chat and deciding themself), to head off the complaints of Blizzard controlling what you say in-game.
The problem with this kind of system, is that in WoW you're dealing with a paying customer who just might stop paying if faced with such a disciplinary action.
I am not saying this actively prevents Blizzard from taking action, but they seem not to be taking such actions (as you describe) leaving one to really question why.
As you suggest, intelligent, proactive use of a Ban Hammer like with DOTA or GW2 works wonders in terms of community quality.  One has to wonder if they increased this level of oversight and quality-control in WoW, if this game's rep as "asshatland" might diminish, at least somewhat.
 I would agree completely with you.  I posted what I did to try and surmise or figure out why on earth they haven't picked up on this by now and started trying to improve the community a bit more.
Then again, history has proven time and time again that cross-realming strangers together to provide convenience leads to very openly-bad player behavior, and they continue pushing in that direction, so who's to say what's really going on behind the wheel, here?
The only thing one can really say for certain is that community quality is on a very back burner in terms of public actions the game company is taking these days. I do agree it would be a very good thing if they would improve in this area, though.

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