Sunday, June 2, 2013

What's up With the Sudden Increase in DKs?

Recently I have pay my attention to my wow account.I play frost (granted, as offspec) for two reasons: it has better burst (which is good for questing and leveling, and not bad for 5-mans and scenarios), and unholy clashes with my main's RP so hard that it makes the class less fun, even though I don't use my DPS spec while in character. (I have played unholy competently anyway when it's way ahead of frost in DPS potential and I'm raiding in a normal mode group, but that doesn't mean I liked it.) Seeing as I just typed a post with more than two letters (and have the brain capacity for things like capital letters and punctuation, which you clearly lack) I've proven I can press more than two buttons.

I do wish it were a little more interesting, rotationally, but I've been playing a DK main since late Wrath. I'm not going to give it up because my DPS spec of choice is a little too streamlined.Frost does feel more fragile than the other characters I've leveled 85-90. I haven't PvPed on him since Cataclysm (ran out of bag, and bank, and void space for gear, so I ditched my PvP set; looking to take it up again on the disc priest once he hits 90) so I can't speak for that.

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