Friday, June 21, 2013

Some nice Warrior changes of WOW

Some nice Warrior changes there, but almost all of them are PVP oriented. cheapest world of warcraft gold I'm finding myself, a PVE SMF Fury warrior, still very underwhelmed by this patch so far. The change to KJC makes it better, but I still don't agree with nerfing it in the first place. I didn't see anyone complaining about Warlock mobility until they brought it up as a problem themselves. The 60 debuff from the demonic gateway, nerfing KJC and capping soul leech is going to make the already deeply annoying fight with Kanrethad even worse.
 The problem was that warlocks had too much mobility compared to other classes (mages, priests, druids) and could do very well on any high movement fight, which were numerous this tier. The original elimination was undoubtedly an overreach, but this change feels appropriate. Warlocks will be about as mobile as an elemental shaman, which is quite mobile in general.
I'm more puzzled over the MF change. It's a situational talent and this change will just make it worse to bring over KJC.
Except the classes you mentioned already had a lot of/more mobility? With the exception of Arcane Mages, the other classes/specs already have a lot of their high damage dealing abilities castable on the move due to procs or talents or simply the design of the ability.
Not sure if I should be happy with rogues having one change or not...I think that part of me was secretly hoping for a redesign of Shadow Blades, or something.  But, we're not broken, so its kind of hard to fix us

 I'm totally cool with them leaving us alone. There have been a few changes, but nothing major - keep in mind this is just a list of the updates. buy world of warcraft accounts For the full patch notes, you'll want to hit the site - there are a few rogue changes, mostly minor.

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