Thursday, June 27, 2013

There are no "PvP stats"

In regards to this, I like GW2's approach to PvP gear Where to sell World of Warcraft accounts  (in sPvP, not in WvW). Everything has the same stat weights, you just choose what combination of stats you use and is available to everyone who enters. The "gear" you get in sPvP is cosmetic to make you look more aesthetically pleasing.

There are no "PvP stats", everyone has the same stat weights, so the game becomes based on player skill rather than who has more time to get bigger numbers on their gear so they can hit a 6 seconds stun and mash your face in with 2-3 buttons.

Mind you the comparisons are not entirely apples to apples because GW2 plays differently (casting everything on the move, no trinity, dodge mechanics rather than stats), but it could be a possibility to normalize the gear so everyone carries the same stat weights (ie for WoW, if you wanted to carry more health and be a FC as a warrior, you could grab a set that is 3:1 Stam, 1:1 Str, 2:1 Dodge, 1:1 Block, but as a DK get one that is 3:1 Stam, 1:1 Str, 2:1 Dodge, 1:1 Parry, but if you wanted to hit people, go 1:1 Stam, 3:1 Str, 2:1 Haste, 1:1 Crit,) and that would keep people on a relatively even footing gear wise.

It's just an idea, I don't know how well it would work in WoW, but I know it keeps the gateway to entry low for GW2 which is a PvP-centric game.

PvP is absolutely knackered and has been this entire season so far.  Nothing Greg Street says or does convinces anyone that he or his team can fix it anymore. where to buy WoW accounts It's in bad shape. I also worry that the problems have become intractable. Look at how they've left lowbie pvp for years now. That feels like where level 90 pvp is going: a few "correct" classes/specs and a bunch of also-rans.

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