Saturday, June 15, 2013

Spend That Time on Legendary

You had to do a lot of stuff that wasn't fun and be of a select group that, buy cheap WoW account often largely through luck, was of the right caliber to even go after a legendary!!  You had to politic with everybody and make new enemies wherever you went and generally detract from fun so you could have some wep and cheer for a few months!! Those were the days!!  
How dare they come along and make it a thing everyone can have!! There's clearly never going to be any room for very special things ever again in wow!! There's nothing special about someone dedicating serious time over an entire expansion in the hope of attaining some distant weapon no one's even seen yet!!
How can they justify making all the cool unique quests and encounters.. sell WoW account . and then letting everyone see them!!! What are they thinking, I just don't understand!!
Really, instead of being able to say "Wow! I wish I was that guy/gal with that legendary"... we're all going to have to resign ourselves to only saying "Wow! I have a legendary!!". Shameful.
Wow is dead. I'm going to take my legendary and go home. Screw you guys.
On a not quite so angry level, I agree.  I think legendary should be just that.  The item that so few people have that everyone else says, "wow, that guy rocks."  The response, "wow, that guys has way too much time on his hands," is also acceptable :)  But really, I do think this is a dumbing down of the game that needs to stop, either that, or not call them legendaries any more, since they're not.  I think there are plenty of weapons in the world now, especially with the looser transmog rules.  We have enough, leave a reward for the ones who want to put that kind of time in.  If I had gotten this legendary already, I'd be pissed that I spend that time on it, then find out that all you had to do was wait a few months and it'd be cake to get.

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