Friday, June 7, 2013

BlizzCon 2013

I have a feeling this is going to be a big year at Blizzcon. They pretty much have to announce the next WoW expansion unless they plan on it not coming out until mid 2015. Thats a given, but it will be more interesting to see the other announcements. Potential canidates being Diablo 3 expansion which has been confirmed to be being worked on, the next Starcraft 2 expansion, and Titan. I seriously doubt we are going to see anything Titan related this year because I think when they show that off it is going to BE the show. Next year they could easily announce it even if they also announce a SC2 expansion.
I also don't think Titan will be revealed because Blizzard knows when to put games out. Anytime in the next couple of years is probably not a good move considering the shape of the industry. No one knows what payment model is going to be "the one" going into the future and a ton of developers are still testing the waters. There is also a few high profile releases coming in the next couple of years that could very well shape the industry. Blizzard is known for looking at what other people do and shape it to be their own. (not quite so much innovation, but not a bad thing) If they really want to blow everyone away they need to spend nearly as much time researching the market as they spend developing the game.
As other's have already said, we will see the next expansion for WoW, and probably an expansion for D3...if not an expansion probably some major overhaul points. I'm still on the fence about them revealing Titan. This would seem like a good time, especially if they aren't going to announce a D3 expansion.
In some regards, they almost have to show what Titan is. Blizzard had a fairly negative year last year, even though D3 sold really well, it was received pretty negatively among the general public in many regards. MoP had the worst showing of any WoW expansion, and Heart of the Swarm didn't release.

Awesome news.  I hope all the people attending have a blast!
To anybody wanting to go: I wish you good luck getting a ticket.  That shit sells out in seconds.

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