Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Paragon 100 Perma Tempest Rush Monk

SUPER FAST. I'm only limited by my client's ability to keep up with my pace. The better you can keep you, the faster I can level you diablo3 account. My best time (1 - 60) atm is 1 hour 38 minutes.

1-60: 30 Mil if you have a hellfire ring

1-60: 36 mil no hellfire ring

For selective leveling : < 500k per level > with hellfire ring

 <600k per level> no hellfire ring


In terms of Powerleveling, you get what you pay for; I don't like wasting my time or your time for the matter, so I strive to make my runs as efficient and enjoyable as possible. If you are in anyway disappointed for any reason at any time, I refund remaining lvl charges buy diablo 3 items left on the pwrlvl service, as I charge upfront, no questions and no hassles.

Check out my vouches =)


I also have full max exp gear for rent free of charge...everything is set up sell diablo 3 account for max efficiency and comfort.

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