Sunday, April 9, 2017

FFXIV Eggcellent Adventure

We've posted a new developers' blog update that details the rewards of the Hatching-tide event that begins tomorrow! Read "Jihli Aliapoh's Eggcellent Adventure" now. i can't wait for this event. would it be possible to get the in game wallpaper for this event made into a wallpaper for desktop computers? i'm completely in love with it already and would love to have it on my computer screen lol. My character's name is Jihli Senah haha, same first name ?? When I'm back from work I'm gonna do the event right away, love it! ? So many eggshilaration systems doing Shockobo, causing so much lag that the game shutdown in my brother's com... FFXIV Gil damn I love this game... can I just have the Japanese Nimbus mount instead of this.

 It probably plays papaya, to the dismay of 95% of the player base. Kim Estelle Merlos this mount tho!!!!!!!! Wait for me to do the Event!! That is if Jon doesn't hog the TV lol. I am hoping it plays Papaya song as you ride. It's like they know what I want! Be eggcellent to each other. And party on, dudes! Can anyone agree more if SE bring's in the Nimbus mount and wukong outfit to NA and EU servers? Bill and Ted reference?! I love it! Through side quest in old gradania. Looks freaking awesome.....Oh wait, no it looks terrible.

the amount of puns in that article make my eyes hurt. the amount of puns in that article make my eyes hurt. Looks freaking awesome.....Oh wait, no it looks terrible. New Day's Xavier Woods plays XIV and Cheap FFXIV Gil he's interviewed Yoshi-P before. He's got a gaming channel called upupdowndown in case anyone is curious. All 3 of them do! Xavier got the other 2 into playing. They aren't as big a fan as he is but nonthe less!!  My hubby introduced me to them cause they play all sorts of games with the other wrestlers. As someone who loves both FFXIV and WWE, please never make Michael Cole say the words "Moogle" or "Chocobo" again.

Yeah they should have had Jim Ross come out early to read it, like how he killed it with the Glover ad back in the day. I never saw any promo being done for FFXI like this. This is great. Yeah its all scripted but its a great way for Square-Enix to get more hype out there for their game. So some think this isnt good or a good way to promote a game? But having an event for a different game on a console that doesnt even support FFXIV is alright?

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