Wednesday, May 24, 2017

FFXIV EU community

Naruto references are a little tongue in cheek, we don't need it on the nose lol. Also, apparently the new move that allows jutsu to be cast with one hand sign is the replacement for kassatsu. oohh.. well, i guess that's fine.. but if it's goona disappear when you move out then it sucks.. specially during AoE dodging...The "caster no jutsu" skill would be used for when you know the boss isnt going to be moved. So you cast it > quickly get those 3 ninjutsu off then repeat it seems. Cheap FFXIV Gil If possible assuming there's no time limit I'd suiton > trick attack > fuma/ration x2.

Can't we just use infuriate after the four fell cleaves then make another four, possibly 8?!, but that would be overkill, but then again in the trailer he used infuriate when he already got five stacks which doesn't make sense, since every fell cleave cost 25% then make four and another four because the bar was maxed out when he used it, or I could be completely wrong and infuriate would only give you 50% of the bar back because in the trailer he was at 50% when he infuriated and then he got up to a hundred....

Ummmm, Phoenix servers running pretty fine from what i've seen. Plus if we need a new server because its lacking, we definitely deserve 50% off pizza.    Anyone ripping into Papa John's for not approaching SE about a UK deal as they did for the US? That's how these work.  You don't "deserve" anything, it's a promotion. FFXIV Gil God forbid SE does something nice and easy for a change. If it's not valid in your area then it's not valid in your area, quit crying.Also we don't get Square Enix Members rewards coz we're not loyal enough apparently.  

Thats the thing though, SE never have to FFXIV promotions in the UK, Where there is a playerbase, who not only enjoy the content and have a close knit community. But its times like this when i think 'Yeah the EU community deserves some loving. We're as much a part of the complete FFXIV community as anyone else and everyone deserves and equal chance for an opportunity to be included in promotions.  Meh, who's crying? Its just a fact that theres a distinct difference between what is offered/rewarded/promoted between the eu and us servers.