Monday, October 19, 2015

play Vanilla GW2

Graeme Maver, it is not possible to "buy" another copy of the base GW2 now that it has gone free to play. Graeme Maver its ok, its a one way reply, caused by frustration.  its just that i really like this game a lot and its quite a bit of money to spend. If I recall, I think it is cheaper (just a little) on Amazon. But I may be wrong.

Or just play Vanilla GW2 until HoT goes on sale if you want to save $... Remember when GW2 had 50% and 75% off weekends? Just wait for a HoT ones. It's not like you're not going to be able to play just vanilla GW2 when HoT hits.Davud Porter: Base game is free now. I don't think Anet would ever need to have HOT on sale. Sales were just to get people playing the game. It's a standard expansion price to be honest. Look at WoW expansions, 50+$ a pop. You people sayin its free to play need to take a good look at the restrictions. Their free to play is little more than a glorified trial account. Andrew Gibbs A trial account that has unrestricted Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold access to the entire story line, level 1-80.. their restrictions are more then fair and are in place to protect the accounts of those who have paid and the balance of the economy. Also to help with gold spammers and botters.

The system they have in place is actually great for new players. You know if you wanted to play WoW you'd have to buy the original game as well as each expansion after vanilla? Spoiled rotten by Anet and still complaining. gg no re. Hi guys. I think they are still making people to pay for Guild Wars 2. I went to a website where it was asking me for a Serial code just to download the core game. But then I looked up Free to play but maybe it was for the new expansion? Also maybe GW2 Gold this Hearts of Throns won't be that big? Just a few new things.  Ryan Gibson Not true, you can still buy serial codes for core game on many sites xP They do work, friend just did so like 5 days ago.

Marian Morosanu Lmao free to play is so limited, so its totally different thing than full game. Nah it wasn't a bug, Anet just decided they didn't want to support that content anymore. The Countdown Timer© will be ready "when it's ready".

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