Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Blade & Soul Player Character

Wait, so you need to pay attention to the story when you're playing mmorpg? huh...Naj Agamao This one has actually video WITh ur character in it. .was JUST A BIT more interesting than most other mmo to check out lols. Naj Agamao Who said that? Where did I say that? Just because you and others don't care about the story doesn't mean that Blade & Soul Gold everyone shouldn't care about it, especially those that have been playing the foreign versions, where I hear that the Player Character is less of an idiot and more of a jerk in story for those versions. Michael Sagoe I think he was making a facetious remark on the majority of MMORPG players, who just quest grab and run.

They're constantly patching that. People have to report it for it to be noticed as well. It was a bit rushed (localization). Tried both, still goes down to 3fps at the lowest from time to time. I even put my graphics to the lowest and still yield the same result. Connections are good. I'd wanna say the region I live in (Asia) but I have friends playing this game as well and they don't have any problems at all. I play in sg they only fps problems i mainly encounter is in blackwyrm 20+ on medium to max graphics. fps is mostly your pc and not their problem. of cos the game is old so they are constantly optiimizing.

Don't care about the English voice over. They should have just kept the Korean ones and use subtitles. The thing is to play without having to click ctrl-f. To enjoy while playing.. I had freezes at terrors for 1 min or 2, this isn't ok. Scott Mylin Check the forums. Everyone got framerate issues, even people with top-of-the-line specced machines.
1) The game is very CPU heavy.Buy Blade and Soul Gold My GPU usually sits on 10-30% of usage, even though I have an overclocked top i7 CPU.
2) The game can only use 2 threads. Even though they can fix the high usage with optimization - we know that won't happen. And since the game is bound to two threads - this issue will never get fixed. UE3 is abandoned too.

Playing this game with my 980ti getting over 90fps, dips down occasionally around 24man to 30fps, even my r9 390x would run this game pretty solid.

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