Friday, May 20, 2016

Blade & Soul new dungeons update

Gunner which uses minigun. Also skill to summon 2 tigers ??. Other stuff I can obtain from dungeons . parang may gunner talaga kasi nasa mobs yun eh sa BSH. 10AM PDT is 17:00 UTC, or midnight 00:00 Friday morning in Cambodia; 01:00 Friday in Beijing and Singapore, and 02:00 Friday in Seoul and Tokyo.They took the end boss of Tomb of exiles Blade and Soul Gold and Lycan the mighty and made mini versions of them.  i m trying to login on my accounts, BUT any e-mail of the NC dont come to me... i can't create accounts to send one tiket, because the verification e-mail to active it NEVER come... where is the problem? in others games the e-mail works fine, only on NC account it doesnt work ....

 will anything be done about the movement bug in dungeons. Buy Blade and Soul Gold It is a pain for bloodshade harbor since u need to run up walls to get to next boss and you can't do that since its bugged. don't care about updates or new contents.. i'm gonna stop playing this game.. bots, cheaters, loots drop sucks.. good luck spending your life farming moonstones & stingers..   Pets will have some extra stats and then you can buy it in Shop. Well I think that was a lie at livestream with p2w NCWest. Did you copy it from Gameforge or WTF are you doing NCSoft?

Then stop playing and stop moaning. Pets? LOL! No changes to the Premium system? Stop wasting your time with insignificant changes to the game. With the monthly fees charged for premium, I, as well as many others will not be returning to play your game even after purchasing the master pack. Stop being so greedy . pay to pets system, i hope nobody will get them because i can image how my fps drops if all have it. At least i looking forward for end of the story . Hey does anybody know what happened to the ''ground pound'' skill of the Kung Fu Master ?...because i really couldn't find it after some patches...

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