Thursday, May 5, 2016

Blade and Soul Awakened Pirate

 I was thinking that Awakened Pirate will change to Awakened Breeze and True Pirate will change to True Breeze on June 1st. So that means I should make a True Pirate weapon to save some cash Blade and Soul Gold. im BM at True Pirate. so fking expensive to get to the next upgrade squint emoticon

tried selling loads of stingers back when they were like 8G a piece but oh man the cost just catches up to you. NCShit pls sell Blade and soul to othere company. even gayforge will do better job then you! Hope we can play here in Asia with low ms.. Can you help us by creating another route of server here.
Buy Blade and Soul Gold

I can't download the patch i'm stuck in here, how to fix this? Please tell me. plz do not update the patch so fast, no one has the time to do that and soon no one wants to play. its not really that difficult to get the requirements to upgrade your weapons. What will happen if I have true pirate until June 1? Guys... U kidding us with maintenances... Yesterday maintenance... Today another... And lasts sooo long... WTF?
How does it comes i didnt received any Gem Hammers? I had unlocked all sockets on my weapon, when i went to Breeze it reseted to 3... Didnt received any Gem Hammer :s

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