Friday, August 5, 2016

BNS Costume Desing Contest

Tomorrow at 4PM PDT! Find out who the winners of the Costume Design Contest are. I rlly like ppl of latinoamerica can participate in yours event, is unfair :/. Remind me later if you open sea/oceanic server. Buy Blade and Soul Gold P2W Game, Greedy Money Sucking Publisher lol skip this one mate. Of the NA Costume Desing Contest*. will it take to update again?

Of the NA Costume Desing Contest*. please is possible to switch between servers? You can play as Poharan in the upcoming action game MXM! I'm from Brazil, I forgot my pin code, and can not recover someone help me? i play for 16h a day now 16mins only semi quit only farming the pig custome.

Greetings! Please submit a ticket to our Customer Support about the forgotten PIN: Thank you, I hope someday to have the game in Brazil, my english is horrible. What a shitty game, b& s too, played so much for nothing, Blade and Soul Gold if you dont nerd for like 14 Hours per day, its useless try become "strong". You are just a bad player, deal with it.

Nah man i was One of them best in arena pvp, im talking for who dont have much time ti play, so dont make me laugh, i was bored to win easy ;) prefer gsmes that gives me challenges, in that One just noobs spamming, easy to counter .  Next time before talk try think, bad player ahhahahahah, such ridicolous. that is part of the game tang ina ka.

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