Friday, January 22, 2016

Been playing Aion

To start asking me for a PIN number , when I came to the site to generate my PIN tells me that my birthday is not correct , which is not true. I can not generate my PIN and I can not enter to select the name of a character. Please help with this problem . Can't wait to start playing, maybe finally I will find a nice clan and fun gametime with teammates! Been playing Aion mostly solo for ages, boring u.u.

I did not start playing yet, will install after the normal launch date:) are there two servers to choose from, free to play? I am an European living in South Korea, if there is no region lock then I can choose whichever. There is an EU region and an NA region. There should not be any kind of IP block for you. All the servers are F2P in each region.Buy Blade and Soul Gold If you choose to come to NA, look into -- We are a multi-gaming community that has a large Blade & Soul division that has lots of fun doing things like karaoke, movie nights, PvP tournaments, PvE challenges, videos, giveaways, etc. Ages 18+, teamspeak reequired, and application necessary.

At first I can't connect to server, so I tought that it might be something wrong with my client, so I uninstall it and got a new installer, now it says:"Please launch the game throught the game launcher.(3002)" wot Blade and Soul Gold ?

That's what I just did, is there a hidden launcher somewhere or what? thanks for the help, it's downloading the client now, hope I can connect to server this time, thanks again for your help.

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