Monday, January 11, 2016

BnS due gw2 went to be boring at pvp

 I have a question: Which server is most recommended for Australian players? The closest English version is the North American version. The server is located in Dallas, Texas, USA. You will get 220+ ping though EU will be even higher as the server is located in Frankfurt, Germany. Exactly why there is a petition asking ncsoft to host a server local to us.  NA Server(s) are located in Dallas BNS Gold, Texas, USA. Already purchased the Master Pack can't wait for BnS due gw2 went to be boring at pvp. Is Bns f2p or b2p? and block ip Vietnam or not?  f2p and not blocked. use EU client since its closer to your country.  If you're gonna make us download a new client can you at least not use NCSoft's buggy as HELL launcher that stops my download progress every 3% with that stupid e02018 error Blade & Soul Gold ?

When will the download link go live? Just before head start?  Is the beta client going to be used for early access or do we have to download a new client? NA servers are different from EU, and you choose the server before you launch the game. You can play anywhere you want but each server has its own characters. so 19 this month both server will run right? anyway ty dudee. Hi?u Ph?m Yes both NA/EU playable on the 19th of January 2016.

When will we be available to download the client for name reservation? It closes on the 14th and head start begins on the 15th. Will we have the option to make our character's hairstyle look redhead-alike? Please, please, say yes. They announced new hairstyles, face options and hairstyle colors, but i haven't seen any of these. I hope Redhead is one of them. Of course you can. I played the original on the chinese and russian servers. If they copied the game exactly to NA, then yes red hair is not on your list of worries.there is already red hair green blue yellow whatever color u like. i did it already in beta.

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