Thursday, July 7, 2016

FFXIV theme song Good King Moggle Mog

Small portion?? Have you even listened to the songs and its a blatant rip off lol i was just trying to be nice by saying its homage. Good King Moggle Mog is actually Mog's Theme from FF6 in a minor key. it's not a rip of This Is Halloween. All industrial metal sounds the same.

It's originally written in japanese.Cheap FFXIV Gil They probably did literal translations instead of re-writing lyrics. I highly doubt it was written in Japanese first, because that is the only line in the entire thing that sounds incorrect. Everything else would never translate correctly given how high level the vocabulary is. hey Must DPS or my fist will wipe them /SEPHIROTH They Tanks are in vain i will give them more pain.

Sephirot. Not Sephiroth. One letter, big difference.  In case you wanted to see, or more like...  I'd love to join for whatever, but please fix your payment options.. I'm litterary throwing money at you but you dont want em appearently.  Dream vacation location in eorzea? Cmon now thats easy. Costa Del Sol. Minus the behemoth sized crab that spawns just south of it lol.

Can you buy time cards off Amazon? That's how I have been subscribing for a while.  As far as using items outside I know the weapons you get you can eventually use them outside once you've cleared the context I believe. And you get to choose. For example say you do palace of the dead on Bard,FFXIV Gil but you want the warrior weapon. You can get that!

Sean Westbrook I think so as of now anyway. We will have to see what else! Maybe minions and mounts! Im sensing a disturbance in the Force...either that or it's an Aether Withdrawal that I'm currently going through.

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