Thursday, April 11, 2013

Throne of Thunder

unny thing is I actually have played the new content Kaipo Moore and I leveled a guild from 1 to 25 on Frostmane during MOP. I have done the raids, through LFR, and through the actual raid itself. I tanked the fights and it didn't take too long to get gear. My argument was that it was much harder then, than it is now and that just moves to a more boring game, meaning o hey I reached level 90, I have gear and I've completed everything, now what do I do? Run around in circles for 12 hours? Another thing that ruined Cataclysm is the fact leveling is so much easier now than it was then. Why I say that ruined the game is because the whole purpose of the expansion was the release a massive amount of new content, primarily in the form of new quests, and changes to the environment. Since leveling doesn't take near as long, there is a increase in the amount of content players never see, because they either A: out-level the zone, or B: Whenever they out-level the zone, they don't want to take the time to play through the other zones contents (by Zone I mean ex: Westfall, Duskwood, etc.)

WoW used to be "harder" because resources like wowhead, Ask. Mr. Robot, Icy Veins etc. didn't exist not to mention the absurd task of "coordinating 40 players".

I have also played since vanilla, and am still enjoying it. Please give me your name so I can look you up in the armory and see your 100% completed achievement list. Out of things to do and running in circles? Sounds more like only certain aspects of the game interest you and the rest are boring.

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