Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Runescape HTML5

HTML5 is the almost new server rs will run off now, no longer being on java, graphics are better, different interface system. No more foggy backgrounds, rs will now have a sky. The beta will be testing it seeing how it works. Claims it will be less crappy than java, less laggy, so all looks promising.

 I know, I mean, if they don’t like EOC, they have every reason to leave the runescape community, yet the continue to stick around to complain about the EOC and I bet most of them still play anyway, cant they just learn to accept the change once and for all instead of complaining about it? If you like the EoC, why not buy rs account to join it?

I agree, I find some people's attitude on rs just appaling . Everything says the past is past we must look to the future and adapt and could say, that if rs stayed the way it was, it would attract very few new people. You can search for Runescape accounts for sale if you are interested in Runescape HTML5. People whine, its becoming more like WoW. well surely that's good because WoW has so many more players because they like how the game functions, so making one similar can attract similar sort of players. People just act selfish a lot of the time.

The ONE big problem with runescape really is the community.. all these whiners are the ones "ruining the game" because it is the same game, just updated to compete with other mmo's, runescape cant be stuck in the past or it'd never get any updates.. they'd complain if it had gone years with no updates...

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