Wednesday, April 1, 2015

more Dragon Warrior for FFXIV

Best news I heard all day! I bought a Metal Slime Edition PS4 + a physical copy of the game ... so when this comes out here ... I will buy it in America again. It's quite a fun game to buy FFXIV Gil, love it. Maybe this game will raise more awareness of the franchise in america. Thank you Square Enix! This is a perfect move. These games have been proven that they can sell thanks to Hyrule Warriors, it would be relatively cheap to localize, and it could help open up the west to more Dragon Warrior.
buy FFXIV Gil

 If only capcom did monster hunter on ps4 and not make a breath of fire game on phone but on ps4 they wouldn't be that broke definitely getting this game though nice thnx square.  I will be buying it but is there a story and stuff to this game like a dragon quest/final fantasy game?& cheap FFXIV Gil ; I'll still have to buy it for sure either way to help make sure they keep bringing their games to America.

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