Monday, March 30, 2015

expand FFXIV inventor

 Is fishing ever going to get "Catch a monster" back from FF 11? I miss that...

Can we have an option to make Oma friends only? everyone's afk at the gold saucer anyways can't get anything done lol took a short break and now it's dead on my server? Duty finder can still take a while sometimes, but very active on giglamesh cheap FFXIV Gil. Gilgamesh is usually locked out also so its rare to get a toon made there.

Another few new classes...hmm I guess it would be nice if we were giving another Retainer for free (maybe I'm already asking too much). How about expanding inventory beyond 100? When will you resupply EU game time cards for South East Asia . My question: Since the live letter takes place on my birthday, could I get a signed OST or something as a present?   will collector's edition come with a Fantasia so I can be a dragon?!

 Are they thinking about allowing smn/scho to interact with their pets at any point? Like carry them or allow them to buy cheap FFXIV Gil ride the mount with them? It's really annoying when you go to some places and you get aggro without wanting to & your pet slows down and then they basically get unsummoned. Or are they planning on making them go faster? Just something to fix that issue.

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