Tuesday, March 17, 2015

DRK will be mp based

DRK will be mp based
Thoughts on this?

They talked about each of the new jobs mechanics briefly, and they really stressed that dark knight will use mp and need to manage it, and that they wouldn't want to run out of mp.

It made it sound like they will completely use mp, and not tp at all. If so, this will be interesting.
I can see it now, dark knight being able to sprint through a whole dungeon for super speed runs.

Does this mean that people will spec for PIE instead of VIT or STR? To get that mp boost?

And does it mean they'll get separate armour from the other tanks? Since I'd assume PIE would be an important 'secondary' stat for them. Then again, tank gear with some PIE thrown in wouldn't exactly hurt Paladins and Warriors either. More Flash and Stoneskin from Paladins, more Flash from Warriors (instead of those puny three Flashes we can afford now ¬_¬).

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