Wednesday, March 25, 2015


The North American Community Team's live show, DUTY COMMENCED

please anyone can give me a free registration code my free trial expired. Lol I saw comments about all the sooks and use to think it was because of the server but they are right there is always 1 or 2 elitist idiots in a raid that if die once they will say "OMG HOW CAN YOU DIE THERE!?" then they die and say nothing until someone else does... I'm use to playing like a month or 2 after update by that time I guess the elitists have moved on lol so my apolagise to anyone I commented on saying there are hardly any I was wrong they just migrate.

I didn't know there was a quest to tackle all 3 CTs to obtain the ilvl 120 stuff so I wasted my time doing them for nothing. . At least the weeklies have started over. its not item lvl 120 stuff at-least it wasn't for me i got a carbon coat to upgrade my ironworks gear to 130. Dude i did that but i went beastmode and got it at 11:58. I got the vid on ps4 but FFXIV Gil it just shows me holmganging at 1% on the final boss and five surviving at 11:57. Before that was the tank drama then me cussing out my weak healers over letting me die when i was the mt just on non buffed aggro. Zero commends and idk how many attacks went off after everyone wiped buy cheap FFXIV Gil but if it was 5 or more i saved our whole raid cause shed have been one shotting those last 4 guys up.

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