Monday, March 23, 2015

summon chocobo

But is it any fun for one players? I'm an old lady gamer who doesn't know a soul who would be playing this. And I'm an anti-social gamer. Those two thing are really keeping me from playing this cheap FFXIV Gil.....but I want to....can someone recruit me? i know it probably doesnt take that long to level but i dont mind getting free stuff.

Ive returned today.when i try yo summon muy chocobo it says muy chocobo is lost speak with a house enthusiast....where is that npc?  I'm hoping I can get past 'Your destination is currently congested, Please try again later' when I finish work today . new healing class dont arive until the expansion. this is just a pre expansion patch

You don't get any card from beaten players, though. And you don't lose any of your cards, of course.The servers might not be completely empty if you improved the game instead of wasting time on crap like this. . . Getting in to the Golden Saucer is the big problem. I understand many have gone in and left themselves on game in the Saucer so many of us are getting a message that the area is congested and we can't even get in to atune to a single aetheryte or buy cheap FFXIV Gil start on some of the quests. Standing at the airship counter with system error messages. Bah! Humbug!

3 more hours of teaching then I'll be online!  Looking forward to getting my hands on the new mounts! I'm seriously considering it because of the new healing class, among other things.

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