Wednesday, April 8, 2015

multi-character in DFO

It's also a great way to dissuade possible new players. "You can play this game, it's really good and unique, but only for a little bit at a time. If you don't like it, screw off.". Not that games need a player base to buy DFO Gold be successful or anything.

The multi-character "argument" isn't stupid because the game rewards you in various ways for having multiple characters. Bonus exp, bonus stats, assist skills which allow you to run dungeons MUCH easier, and more play time since you'll be burning FP on more than one character.

You're literally handicapping yourself by NOT having multiple characters. Besides, when you hit cap, you're eventually going to cave in and make another character or get burned out and quit.Cory Alexander Wilson, they should be able to make their alts when they want, not being forced by the game itself in playing the game in a certain way they might not want.

I don't want to make DFO Gold my alt characters now, I want to make my alt characters later when my main is high leveled, and so do a LOT of people.

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