Tuesday, May 5, 2015

You can fly with a fat chocobo?

Candycane looking rod holding a piece of holiday cake... hmmmm not suspicious at all. FLYING FAT CHOCOBO!? I've seen it all now! Will the game to free to play ? Well, this just made me buy the collector's edition. FFXIV gilThanks, LOL. You can fly with a fat chocobo ? Maybe I need to return to FF14 ! Still waiting fro anything, remotely close to interesting about the new expansion to be spoiled, so far not impressed. Their furthering the dual leveling system which is super lame, flying? ok. neat. i guess.

But what about the new classes? New skills for old classes?
The game can get all sorts of new features, but im not buying it till i know whether or not my class is still gonna be cool.

(learned my lesson from W.O.W. with dark apotheosis being removed from locks....)
The genetically modified beast shouldn't be flying. It needs to be burned!
Was the date for the CE digital download for the PS4 let slipped? Exactly. Refreshed page for 2 days for pre order, sent an email and got told no C.E. DIG for ps4.. which was the whole reason I was on it at all. But they gave it to pc. How rude.

sooner or later my chocobo will no longer be fat. I can see buy DFO Gold it now. Running off the edge of a cliff and then.....falling..
Thought of this when I first saw flying mounts, buy FFXIV gil I was thinking would be funny if they have a Fat Choco flying as a Joke. Just installed for the first time would love FFXIV Gil some new people to play with hmu on here and ill pm my psn info. great, now we gotta worry about fat chocobo's falling from the sky when the rider couldn't keep the bait away from them properly.

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