Wednesday, May 15, 2013

diablo III is still turing on us

The "cartoon" appeareance is the least important of the problems, its not even a problem, its artistic direction, u like it or u dont, the real problems are in game mechanics, and the lack of advertised features, like PVP! i was excited abput this game becuse the idea was to farm gear to pvp with it and if i got my !@# kicked i would have the excuse to go farm better gear with your Diablo 3 accounts.

I agree, but I didnt want to go into many different issues this game has so I chose a problem that I really have a hard time getting over.If you feel good at this update, just Diablo 3 account buy.

Took less than a year for 3/4 of the people playing this game to leave.. What is there to celebrate? That wow is doing better than this and it's been out longer (Don't get me wrong I played Diablo before WoW and I loved it), you can compare with WoW when you want to get money back from selling Diablo 3 account.

Lord of Terror's rebirth? More like the Lord of Terrors death. You guys should just banish this game from the internet like god banished satan from hell.

You should be celabrating diablo 2's 13th birthday because you guys wouldnt have jobs without that game and its creators, which are 10x the devs you guys are.

1 year later ive had my account hacked, characters nerfed, and have seen items ive worked hard for become worthless due to your !@#$ economy and auction house. I logged on today after a few months of not playing to check out 1.08. The 30 minutes I played was dead boring and meaningless. GO TO HELL!

Thanks guys for making a game that has brought me alot of enjoyment and escape this past year.

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