Friday, May 17, 2013

SEM and search engineers, who is right

1 search engine users want to know? What is the purpose of search engine marketing?

Search engine users also search engine marketing users when they encounter problems at search engine to find answers, the search engine can provide the answer for the mass, SE users want to know the answer, SE there is no way to distinguish, at least there is no way to distinguish between personalized results, Google recently provided SearchWiki from one level to collect the user's data, on the basis of the mass of data has not been and will not be introduced as an index.

Search engine marketing, precisely, in turn, through the analysis of search engine users, the breakdown of user groups, manufacturing and rich content, provide valuable information to the user, so as to achieve the means.

2, the search engine would like to offer?

Look at this matter in two dimensions: one is from the value of the information to see, search engines want to provide a general search, search any person in its own search platform to their needs. So that the strong dependence on the search engine, then the contribution of the information may be more. The second is the value from the commercial point of view, search engines want to provide to advertisers is super ads that match any in its own search platform, not only general search results, as well as more accurate ads matching ad this kind of advertising can be delivered with the search by age, date, mood, background different ads.

The difficulty is: how limited within the framework of a wider range of user information collected, how accurate positioning, what algorithm to match. There are a large number of computing operations, is still the hardware our cognitive range today, computer processing is limited, a large number of solution is to increase the number of calculator, this is the latest cloud computing a large number of reasons for the development.

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