Friday, May 24, 2013

runescpae theme music competition

For those who want sheet music - hope this rough outline helps (and makes sense!)

In Dorian mode ( D minor with a B natural instead of Bb), in 4/4//

A D A F E D F E D. A D A C B G A

The next bit is very similar, just transposed up a perfect 4th


-------- tied
.!/o! o! / o!. (three triplet quavers) / .!.-.! o!./

REST FOR 3 beats .!/ o! o! / o!. (three triplet quavers) / O

Hope that makes some sense.
/ is barline (the piece starts with a crotchet anacrusis)
.! is crotchet
o! is minim
o!. is dotted minim
.!.-! is dotted quaver followed by semi quaver
O is semibreve
(three triplet quavers) is exactly that.
TIED, the second minim of the second bar is tied to the next dotted minim, and the same for the second minim of the 2nd line in buy runescape accounts  .

Good luck everyone! I was going to compose a threnody to Guthix but not sure that would be appropriate to the party room for runescape account! Also, as a few people have pointed out, the prize incentive is a bit poor. 50 spins and green skin...  

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