Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Changes Brought by Mists of Pandaria

There are three piece of information for world of warcraft, the The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, and Cataclysm. And the news that Mists of Pandariais will release in the near future has known by every wow gamer.

Just like the previous piece of information of upgrading, there will be changes in wow game content. Some basic changes include an increased level cap, a new race, and a new class. Your maximum level is able to reach 90. It brings two big benefits to gamers. First, the level change gives the developers a chance to ease you into power changes. They can tinker with numbers, alter powers, grant new spells -- and it feels a little more natural, because you grow into it. Second, you'll have a direct reason to play through new quests and stories. Collecting levels motivates you to go talk to those NPCs and chase those MacGuffins.

You can expect the new class monk, which use a dual resource system to power their abilities. The flavor of the monk is obviously different from all the current classes. Using Asian-themed motifs throughout and stocked with a healthy helping of tongue-in-cheek game references, the monk features plenty of beer, bounce, and dragon references.

Pandaren is the new race which is a peaceful race of panda people, they become drawn into the conflict between the Horde and Alliance and find themselves choosing sides. Some players criticize the pandaren as being too lovely and innocuous, but I advise you should not think so. They are a nice hero and also agility and elusive when you spend some time in their world.

Your talents are radically changing instead of a point-based system, you'll now choose a new talent occasionally. Most of these talents are new changes and abilities to your core mechanics. Instead of gaming minute, incremental stat changes, you'll be vastly altering your gameplay through these choices.

Of course, no expansion would be complete without new instances to explore. Just make sure that you take the time to check out the five things you need to know about the Temple of the Jade Serpent and the Stormstout Brewery.

Mists of Pandaria is a pretty big expansion. But if you're just now getting caught up on all the news, these are the big things for you to think about right now. It looks like it's going to be an amazing new game. Reactive your wow account before Mists of  Pandariais release. And you can choose to buy wow account in level 85, because it is the best preparation for you sprinting to 90 and feeling the new quests and stories.

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